Bullion or Mining Stocks?

Gold bullion coins or gold bars are a preferred method of keeping investment gold.  Daily movements in the gold price would not concern you as you would be holding for the longer term.  If you were concerned about storage you could keep your physical gold in a bank deposit box or your own safe.  Investing in an Exchange traded fund is a popular way to hold gold, there are also companies such as BullionVault who allow you to buy and sell as much gold and silver as required from 1 gram upwards, the physical gold is stored in their own vaults but is owned by the purchaser.  You can buy and sell easily over the internet.  Speculating on the price of gold and silver can also be done through a broker online via a trading account or a spread betting account, you can invest for short time-frames which can be useful.  This method can have risks therefore it is recommended you carry out appropriate research before actually trading with your own real money.  

Mining stocks, both large cap and junior are a way to speculate on gold and silver, there are many companies listed on the stock exchanges, some better than others, it is advisable to carry out research before investing or look at brokers recommendations, trading online is very popular and you will find a lot of information on the internet, you would be advised to check reviews of any company that you are considering trading with to be sure that your funds are safe.  Happy investing and good luck.

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