How to Sell Gold


Where Can I Sell Gold.  

There are many companies out there at present offering cash for gold or scrap gold and silver.

With a ‘post your gold’ service, basically you apply for a pack which contains an envelope in which to return your gold.  The envelopes are insured usually up to £500 so you are covered in case the envelope goes astray.

You post the gold back and they then tell you how much it is worth, if you accept, they send you the money.

We have found that it pays to pick a reliable buyer for your scrap gold, whether you want to sell gold coins or sell jewellery.  Common questions asked are what is the current gold rate, what is the current price for scrap, where to sell gold, how do I sell gold, when to sell gold (as scrap metal prices fluctuate on a daily basis), what is the value of gold per gram or what is the price of gold per ounce, all these and many more questions are answered on this website.

Money for Gold Coin dealers, jewellers and specialist gold shops also buy and sell gold and as such, keep up to date with the scrap price for gold and will give you cash for your gold based on the current gold value per ounce.

Where to find scrap gold With the price of gold today rising at a steep rate, bar a few dips along the way it makes sense to check those chests of draws and backs of settees for any misplaced gold earrings or other items of gold jewellery that may have got lost over the years, you may even find a gold coin or gold bar!!!   With the cost of scrap gold it is a shame not to cash in gold which could otherwise be lost forever.

How much is gold? When selling gold, although the spot gold price is quoted in dollars per ounce of gold, the UK gold price (and UK scrap gold prices) are quoted in pounds, you can get the gold price in the UK from this website.


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