How to Buy Silver Bullion Bars

Buy silver online, quickly, safely and at low prices

You can buy silver at BullionVault, you will own part of a large silver bullion bar, assayed and guaranteed to be at least 99.9% fine silver.  You can buy as little as one gram at a time at the current live spot price.  

Guaranteed Low silver prices

There is no dealer’s mark up. You trade silver directly with other users, live online, cutting out the middleman.  The Silver is stored in secure vaults in London. Once bought it belongs to you outright.  The cost of silver at BullionVault is very much lower than other routes to buying or trading silver.

London bullion market silver are large bars meeting the Good Delivery specifications of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

Weighing 1,000 troy ounces, Good Delivery silver bars are assayed to be 99.9% pure silver or better. BullionVault enables you to buy, own and sell as little as one gram of this professional-grade silver at a time.

Holding Physical Silver Bullion.

If you are looking to buy small amounts of silver bullion to hold yourself, options would be to buy from an online store or online auction, you could also buy from some local jewellers.  

Physical silver bullion which has been assayed is usually bought at a premium to the spot price.  Bullion can be bought in the form of coins or bullion bars.

Silver Bullion 1oz Bar

Assayed one ounce fine silver .999 bar, produced by Bullion brokers Shapps Pixley & Co Ltd of London.





Buy silver online, quickly, safely and at low prices

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