How to Buy Gold

Buy gold online, quickly, safely and at low pricesWith Inflation rising you need to know How to Buy Gold Simply, Safely and at Low Cost.

More and more private investors are choosing to buy gold.

Here are the four options for private investors who want to buy gold today:

Option 1 Buy Physical Gold for Possession

Buying gold to hold at home or in your bank would seem like the ideal way to look after an investment which stores real value.  The problem is that it is difficult to sell quickly and at the best price.  Storage of gold coins or bars at home would also not be recommended unless you own a good quality safe.

Gold coins are sold at a premium to the spot price of gold, some have a greater value due to their collectability, however when you sell you can often only get the scrap value.  Selling on auction websites can be a way to sell your gold but you must be cautious of fraud, you also would pay a commission to the website concerned.

Gold stored and traded by professional bullion dealers in the wholesale market is what creates the “spot” price that you see quoted on the internet and in the papers . It also comes in 400 ounce bars which are out of reach of the average private investor, or, should I say, were out of reach for the average private investor until now.

Option 2. Buying Gold via a Storage Programme

An “unallocated pool programme” will let you buy an entitlement to gold only, stored at low cost, with a view to taking physical delivery sometime in the future.

The leading providers quote around a 1% dealing spread. One company also offers an “allocated” programme, where buying gold bullion in your own name costs an extra 1.5% per year in storage fees, plus a $50 (£32) flat fee with a minimum investment of $10,000 (£6,300 as at 28/02/2012) worth of gold.

Option 3. Buying Gold via an ETF

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) let you follow the price of gold by trading a security on the stock market. ETFs buy gold and hold it in trust.

These shares can normally only be traded during stock market hours

A drawback of buying gold through the gold ETFs is their daily shrinkage. These funds all charge a percentage every year to cover administration fees, storage, and insurance, the ETF deducts this fee from the physical gold backing each share.

This gap grows wider over time and can reduce the holding of gold that the shares represent, after four years one particular ETF had 9.876% of an ounce representing what was originally an ounce.

Option 4.  Buy Gold Bullion Like a Professional Trader

There is now a way you can buy investment grade gold bullion, outright in your own name , at low cost. Stored in secure vaults in London, New York or Zurich (you choose which location you prefer), gold held at BullionVault costs just 0.12% per year, with insurance included, starting from a minimum of only $4 (£2.50) per month.

Buying gold couldn’t be simpler, nor more secure. The website lets you set your own prices using a 24/7 online order board and it gives you instant settlement with zero credit risk. One investor who decided to buy gold at BullionVault  wrote to say that:

“Having ownership of physical gold in their London vault is better than having Triple A rated bonds”.

To find out more about buying gold at low cost today, be sure to visit the website and claim your complimentary four grams of silver, stored in Zurich, Switzerland — now…

And this ground-breaking service really does give you unique access to live gold market prices, cutting out the middleman and slashing the costs of investing in gold “dramatically” as the UK’s Financial Times recently noted.

Get direct access to the same investment-grade gold and silver as professional market trades. This means that you can also take advantage of the same low dealing and storage fees that professional traders enjoy, too.

You can buy and sell from one gram of gold up to 20 kilos or more.  All deals at are settled immediately.

Only ownership and cash ever change hand, reducing your dealing costs “dramatically” as the Financial Times recently put it.

The online order-board also lets you quote prices and trade directly in Euros and Pounds Sterling, as well as in Dollars.

So if you’d like to hold your savings in Dollars while you wait for a dip in the gold market to get back in again. This cuts out the cost of currency exchange completely.

The full daily audit shows that you own a unique quantity of investment-grade gold. This is published every working day and provides you with a proven record of your outright gold ownership.

“Gold rose 600% in the 1970s,” says Jim Rogers, world-famous commodities trader and best-selling author of Adventure Capitalist.

It then went down for two years before going up 850%

But that’s simply “what happens in bull markets,” as Jim Rogers says, and joining this current bull market now could prove very rewarding if the Dollar, Euro and Pound all continue to slide against bullion.

Why not find out for yourself, starting for free today?

Very few investors or savers own gold outright today. Fewer still hold gold offshore in professional storage and accepting this gram of gold today won’t put you under any obligation to buy or sell in the future.

There are no hidden charges but there are very tight spreads which make it the most cost-effective route to owning physical gold bullion for private investment.

The UK’s Mail on Sunday featured Bullion Vaults gold-dealing has also been reviewed by Der Spiegel and Capital magazines in Germany.  The UK’s Financial Times ran a full-page interview with Paul Tustain, Bullion Vaults founder and director.

PLEASE NOTE: We will receive a small referral commission for any accounts opened through this website. But the tiny dealing fees and storage charge you will pay would be no smaller without it.

Buy gold online, quickly, safely and at low prices

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