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This site has been created primarily for UK based investors but the information is relevant to people of any nationality, we have put together information regarding investing in gold via many methods, gold coins, gold bullion, gold mining stocks, spread betting on gold, investing in gold funds, we also talk about how to sell scrap gold and mention books that we like and own personally.

We have joined together with some quality companies and are featuring their links on the site. We have been investing in gold for many years, mainly in the form of gold coins and bullion,  (when we started gold was around £300 per ounce ($425) and have invested in many junior gold mining stocks.  With the problems relating to Europe, the banks the worldwide money supply and the continuing demand globally for gold as a store of wealth particularly in India and China we firmly believe that the bull run in gold is still underway and intend to continue to invest.  If people are concerned that they may be have left it too late to invest we would say that looking at the fundamentals Gold should have a long way to go until it peaks, who is to say what an ounce of gold could be worth in five years.

Of course, we would not suggest that you take our word as investment advice, we can only say what we believe ourselves.  We would advise anyone thinking of investing in gold to do plenty of their own research and take independent financial advice.

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